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Diane Secretan

Holistic Reflexology
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When we love something, we want to share it! And this is how I came to study and practice reflexology.
First, I always had big respect for feet :-) Far away from the brain, from the heart, somehow independent and oh so essential. Basic, connecting to the ground, giving us support, taking us to places. 

I was about 11 years old when, suffering from eczema, I started reflexology sessions. All the years of itching and suffering slowly just became a far memory. 
Since then, my feet took me from Geneva -my city of birth- to the United State, to the Netherlands and all the way to Israel.
In the Netherlands, I studied Textile Design at the Amsterdam Art & Design Academy. And for many years, I lived at the high rhythm of the fashion companies I was working for.
When I felt the time was right, I started my training in reflexology at Campus Broshim University in Tel Aviv, my home city now. In parallel to my private practice, I worked at the medical center Kupat Holim.
I have 2 boys, asking for feet massages every time they feel a stomach ache or they cannot fall asleep.
I wish everyone to discover this soft and effective therapy!

about reflexology


Here's a little bit about Reflexology for those of you who are new to it.


Reflexology is an ancient form of healing dating back to the Egyptian times.

The therapy uses the feet as a mean of stimulating the body's self-healing process by improving the blood and the lymphatic (immune system) flow.

Several hundred nerve endings, called "reflex points", are found under the feet. All are connected to a part (organ or whole system) of our body. 

When pressure is applied to these points, pain may appear. By gently massaging these points, we stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph which move in the systems of the body through the meridians. 

Reflexology is for me a soft and calming method. Helping to tame stress; one of the biggest cause of our physical and emotional pains.


The Meaning of the Word "Holistic",

A holistic approach looks at the whole person, not just at a specific physical/mental health issue. The support considers the physical, the emotional, the social and spiritual wellbeing. 


נטע רומנו

הגעתי לדיאן לפני כשלוש שנים עקב כאבים בגב תחתון עם הקרנה לרגל (אישיאס). לאחר החלמתי נשארתי 

בטיפול שוטף ומתמיד.


מגע ידיה של דיאן עדין אך אפקטיבי ביותר. מגוון הלחיצות והעיסויים שלה רחב ביותר. דיאן קשובה לצרכיו והרגשתו הכללית של המטופל בזמן הטיפול. היא מתאימה את דרגות הלחץ על כפות הרגליים לתחושותיו של המטופל. גם אישיותה הנעימה והאווירה המיוחדת בחדר הטיפול תורמים להרגשה הכללית הטובה.


לאחר טיפול, אני מרגישה הרפייה כללית, רוגע ושלווה.

Noa Ben Shalom

I started to go to reflexology treatments with Diane after a major surgery 3 years ago. I hadn't done it before and didn't stop since then. 

Diane with her amazing capabilities, technique and energies is a big part in my healing process.

Nowadays I continue with the reflexology treatments as part of my healthy lifestyle routine.

Anne-Valérie Adler

Chère Diane,

Mille merci pour les soins de réflexoloegie que tu m'as prodigé.

Les deux fois, j'ai ressenti te présence à 100%, ton assurance, ton expérience, une grande douceur dans une main ferme à la fois et un toucher extrèmement agréable. Je me suis laissée emporter comme part une vague dans un autre monde de relaxation et de plénitude.

 אלון צסלר 

אני מטופל אצל דיאן כבר למעלה מ - 5 שנים. מהטיפול הראשון נשביתי בקסמיה ומגע ידיה. היא מצליחה כל שבוע מחדש להרגיע את הגוף שלי במגע ומילים. זו התחזוקה הכי משמעותית שאני יכול להעניק לעצמי.

Reflexology, health benefits

A Moment to Rest
Pampas Grass


Tension, sleeping disoders, anxieties.

A journey


Support, prevention and preparation to the birth.

A Moment to Digest
Spiral Stairs

Digestive system

Pain relief, easing of discomfort related to the digestive system.  

  • For your information, a session can be held in Hebrew, English, French or Dutch. 

  • Please note that you can be reimbursed for these sessions by your private insurance company.

  • My practice, in no way replaces a medical diagnosis and does not intervene in any therapeutic decisions.


Contact Info

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Yehua Halevi 4, Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv
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