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Prenancy in White

Pregnancy and post-partum



Changes undergone by the body and the metabolism during pregnancy very often generate disorders and inconveniences.

Sleep disorders, circulation disorders (heavy legs, hemorrhoids etc.), digestive disorders (heartburn, nausea, constipation, etc.), urinary disorders, nervous tension, back pain, headaches, itching, etc. are unfortunately part of the daily life of many pregnant women.

For some, worry and apprehension set in over the months: Am I going to be a good mom? How will my birth go? My body is undergoing changes… Which is often a source of stress, anxiety, and even anxiety.

Not to mention the great upheaval caused by hormonal changes and the fatigue that this causes.

Most of these inconveniences and ailments of pregnancy can be relieved thanks to reflexology.

The benefits of reflexology after pregnancy:


After childbirth, reflexology helps to rebalance the hormonal system. It also relieves digestive disorders such as constipation or gastric reflux for example. It thus allows the mother to take full advantage of her newborn.

In case of baby blues or very heavy fatigue, reflexology will help the mother to recover and get back in shape.


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